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// SOLO //

  Elizabeth Millar at Sotterenea, Montreal, 2019
  Photo by Martin Greizis

In her solo project, Elizabeth Millar combines the sounds of amplified fans, propellers and clarinet, acoustic and electronic sounds of sustained mechanical hums, metal surfaces, air and breath.

Dans son projet solo, Elizabeth Millar combine sons de ventilateurs, d'hélices et de clarinette amplifiée, les sons acoustiques et électroniques de vrombissement mécanique soutenu, surfaces de métal en vibration, air et souffle.


Sound of the Mountain at Video Pool Media Arts Centre, Winnipeg, 2019. Photo by Robert Szkolnicki

Should you be without any information and listening to this music, you could easily believe this is some electro-acoustic music; maybe of objects pushed around on a carpet, but then heavily amplified; very soft in volume but very powerful at the same time. This is some fascinating stuff. -Frans De Waard, Vital Weekly.

In English
A duo of amplified clarinet and trumpet (Elizabeth Millar & Craig Pedersen), Montreal-based Sound of the Mountain merges acoustic and electronic textures through close amplification. They create improvised soundscapes, evoking a range of textures, from spaciousness to room saturation. Since forming in 2015, they have played over 100 concerts together, internationally throughout Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico and Australia, and coast-to-coast throughout Canada.

en français
Mettant en vedette les sonorités éthérées d’Elizabeth Millar et de Craig Pedersen, à la clarinette et à la trompette amplifiée, le duo Sound of the Mountain naît d’une forte expérience avec les techniques de jeu étendues et la musique improvisée. Leur langage musical combine sonorités acoustiques et électroniques à travers une prise de son rapprochée. Ils créent ainsi des paysages sonores étirés évoquant un éventail de textures allant d’un silence étendu au vrombissement d’un espace saturé. Depuis leur formation en 2015, le duo a performé à plus d’une centaine de reprises, à l’international (Japon, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaisie, Singapour, Mexique et Australie) et d’un bout à l’autre du Canada.

on Mystery & Wonder Records

live at CJSW in Calgary, video is 3D, click and move the mouse to look around


bollards and bus stops (2022) for a.hop

something moving something still (2022) commissioned by Ensemble Supermusique Montreal

envelopes (2021) commissioned by a.hop

loudness (2020) commissioned by Ensemble Supermusique Montreal

sound 2019-11-09 (2019) for the Shalabi-Millar Septet, Western Front, Vancouver

air-surface (2018) with Justin Devries, commissioned by Now Society Ensemble, Vancouver
also performed by Ensemble Habitant, Montreal at Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival 2019


Elizabeth Millar with Christof Kurzmann at the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival 2019, Montreal. Photo by Martin Greizis

Anne-F Jacques, Elizabeth Millar, Martin Tétreault and Craig Pedersen at Sotterenea, Montreal, 2019. Photo by Martin Greizis

Elizabeth Millar with Mira Martin-Gray at Audiopollintation, Array Space, Toronto, 2019. Video by Mike Lynn

Elizabeth Millar with Joane Hétu and Esther Bourdages at the Mardi Spaghetti Marathon 2018, Montreal. Photo by Martin Greizis

E Millar and Érick d'Orion, Montreal, April 2018 Recorded by Craig Pedersen

Residency with Tone List at Spectrum Project Space, Perth, Australia 2017.
Read the residency writeup here.

Sound of the Mountain (Elizabeth Millar, Craig Pedersen) with Shinkan Tamaki (Japan) at KLEX Fest 2017, Malaysia.